Języki, których uczymy:

Quality Standards

LANGUS is a PASE (Polish Association for Standards in English) aspiring member, which means that:

  • language courses are taught according to a coherent plan with clearly defined teaching aims
  • the teachers’ language competence is exceptionally high
  • the school applies a specific control system over the classes
  • the school possesses clearly defined, written course curricula and teaching methods.
  • in order to enroll on a course the student needs to take an entry test and/or participate in an interview
  • language competence levels that the school applies are clearly defined and in accord with the Common European Framework of Reference
  • the schools administers exams and tests in order to verify students’ progress
  • on completion of a course a student receives a certificate or a semester report on their progress
  • the school has a methodological library with suitable teaching materials
  • the school applies clearly defined procedures in staff recruitment
  • Director of Studies conducts class observations on regular basis
  • Director of Studies regularly monitors teachers’ performance
  • the school facilitates teacher development
  • teachers apply suitable methods and teaching techniques so as to motivate students to study
  • teachers actively use audio-visual materials in the teaching process

Warsaw Department of Education supervises our work and the school is regularly visited by inspectors.

LANGUS is an LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Examination Centre and conducts LCCI exams www.lcci.org.pl

We received a prestigious prize in the MAZOVIA COMPANY OF THE YEAR competition.