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Teaching Staff

Who teaches at LANGUS?
Our teaching staff is our greatest treasure. Altogether 80 language instructors work for us. We only employ highly qualified teaching staff who graduated in modern languages, applied linguistics or from teacher training colleges. Many of our teachers completed their studies in two or more fields eg. in applied linguistics and management or English and psychology. They sometimes hold two university diplomas in languages eg. English and German or French and Spanish. What is crucial to us is that they have wide intellectual horizons and various interests, that they develop their passions not only at work and that they have a broad knowledge of the world. We select our teaching staff according to the criteria of proficient command of the language, excellent teaching skills as well as personality traits which allow them to establish good rapport with the group and to be flexible in adjusting the course to the students’ requirements. We train our staff and the classes they teach are regularly observed by the Director of Studies or by methodology advisors.

Our native speaker teachers, completed linguistic or professional studies in their countries of origin. They hold certificates of completion of methodology courses which entitle them to teach their mother tongue as a foreign language. They participate in teacher training sessions on regular basis.