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Aneta Franas

Franas AnetaTeaches Spanish. She graduated from the Spanish Section in The Institute of Iberian and Latin American Studies at Warsaw University. She is currently working on her PhD thesis on the subject of “street children” in Lima. She also studied at the Institute of Socio-Historical Studies at the University of La Plata, Argentina. In 2002 she received the Ist prize in the competition organized by the Institute of Spanish and Latin American Studies for the best MA thesis on Latin America. Apart from Spanish, she is proficient in English (CPE holder) and French.

“Foreign languages and travelling are my passion. The knowledge of foreign languages has allowed me to get to know a large part of the world, not only as a tourist. I have been able to enter other people’s lives, listen to their conversations, ask questions, become familiar with their mentality and make many friends. It has been a fascinating adventure which has taught me humility, tolerance and the ability to cherish the moment and enjoy what I have.

My intuition, some coincidences, and fate have brought me to Latin America where I spent several years living, studying and travelling. Peru has become my second home, and the Spanish language has become the language which I use on everyday basis to express my thoughts and feelings just as I do in my mother tongue – Polish. It was not right from the start that I wanted to teach – I needed to prove myself in other fields. But now I know that teaching is what gives me real satisfaction. I love the moment when a student who has come to me with no knowledge of Spanish whatsoever begins to express herself/himself with more ease in the language. Teaching a foreign language also allows you to establish a closer relationship between the teacher and the students, get to know each other’s interests, lifestyle and beliefs.

Apparently I am a linguist with the soul of a psychologist or an anthropologist. Contacts with other people, conversations, observations and their reactions give me an insight to and make me reflect on many issues. That is where my interest to do research on untypical groups of people derives from (Argentinean revolutionaries, “street children” in Lima) as well as my work as a volunteer with children and teenagers in Peru. I am an unquiet spirit, I enjoy challenge, adventure and change. Routine bores me in a longer run.”