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Anna Matela

Anna MatelaHas been teaching Russian at LANGUS since 2001. She graduated from the Department of Applied Linguistics and Eastern Slavonic Studies at Warsaw University.

“I started speaking Russian at the age of three, or perhaps earlier, I cannot remember any more. It was not exactly that I was a little genius but simply because I am Russian born in Russia. I did not begin teaching Russian right from the start of my professional career. First I became an engineer. In textile industry, hmmm… I have not been involved in that for a long time now.
When I found myself in Poland about 18 years ago, a new idea struck me. I wanted to teach Russian in order to bring our nations together and to show the beauty of my mother tongue. I started to teach already before completing my Russian studies at Warsaw University, and I have been passionate about my job ever since. I feel best teaching advanced levels, in business Russian in particular as well as teaching Russian for Special Purposes.

In the few spare moments that I have I read a lot, I write teaching materials or my Students, I bring up my son, travel to Moscow, collect medicinal herbs and try to fish for pike.”