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Beata Łukasiewicz

Beata ŁukasiewiczTeaches English. She is a methodology consultant at LANGUS and LCCI IQ examiner. She graduated from the Department of Applied Linguistics at Warsaw University with English and Russian. She also graduated from the Department of Management at Warsaw University.

“I have been working for LANGUS for many, many years now. I can almost remember how it all started. I still like to teach a lot, and to chat about business as well. This is what I happen to specialize in and that is why The Economist is my favourite magazine. At LANGUS I promote positive attitude to life and LCCI exams. I do not know any difficult cases and I try to find common ground with everyone. My type: a long-term teacher – I get emotional about teaching my Students and find it difficult to part with them. Just as it is the case with the school where I teach…”