Języki, których uczymy:

Joanna Czaja

Joanna CzajaDirector of Studies at LANGUS, graduated from the English Institute at Warsaw University, studied Law at Warsaw University, LCCI IQ examiner, teacher trainer, CPE and DELE Superior holder.

„In different periods of my life English would become my primary language. First, in kindergarten in the United States, then in secondary school in Oxford, England, and from there on almost all the time since my studies at the English Department at Warsaw University. I treat the language as an amazing tool which has allowed me to gain a deep insight into the Anglo-Saxon culture, owing to my formal education in the States, in England and in Poland, and then – when I learnt Spanish – Latin American culture, as I spent over a year travelling alone around Latin America as a backpacker and working as a volunteer from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. And finally the Arab culture.

Owing to my knowledge of English and basic competence of Arabic I was able to work as a professional diver in Egypt for several consecutive years. Every single one of my “adventurous” projects is inadvertently linked to the necessity of having a very good command of several foreign languages. This is the vision that I present to my Students when they ask me why bother and make so much effort to study a language. Owing to the command of languages I have changed my perspective in life several times in order to build a deeper and wider view of the surrounding world. And the notion of “free time” to me is an oxymoron. Time is always limited. Time free from what? Anything I do is somehow connected to my professional life and my work is connected to my various passions. No matter if I teach English, if I train language instructors, do technical dives, dance salsa in Colombia, play the congas or work as a volunteer in the Peruvian Andes, it all comes to one thing: it enables me to experience life in a far deeper and broader way.”