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Magda Jachimiak

Magda JachimiakTeaches English. She graduated from the English Institute at Warsaw University. Before that, she completed her studies at the English Teachers’ Training College. “As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed studying languages. The first language I learnt was Russian. From there on I have mastered Spanish, English and French.

As I wanted to develop my interest in languages, I chose to study at a bilingual secondary school where most subjects were taught in Spanish (Cervantes Secondary School, Warsaw). Later on I continued at Warsaw University at English Teachers’ Training College and the English Institute. I have worked at LANGUS since the year 2000. I teach at all levels. My work is my passion – I love preparing my classes and I would like my students to become “infected” with my enthusiasm.

I have become proficient in English during numerous trips to England and developed my teaching skills at various teacher training curses in Warsaw. As the language continually changes, I read the English press, I watch my favourite British TV series and I keep in touch with my English friends. In my free time I love to read, travel, meet my friends and develop my new hobby – Irish dances.”