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Magdalena Ossowska

Magdalena OssowskaTeaches French. She graduated from the French Department at Warsaw University. Magda has worked for LANGUS since 2005.

„A few years ago I found myself working at a language school near Paris, where I taught French to the Polish, to Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Latvians, Italians and Egyptians. It was an unforgettable experience – a real Tower of Babel. I enjoyed that job very much. That was where I learnt that everyone assimilates the language in a different way and therefore it is most important to adjust the teaching methods to students’ individual needs. That is why I like one-to-ne tuition most. If I begin to get bored in class it means that the Student is bored as well, and that is inacceptable. The student must leave the class happy and feeling that they have learnt something useful. I enjoy dwelling upon and explaining some linguistic mysteries.

Apart from teaching I really enjoy travelling. Always with a camera and NOT with a digital one! I process and print all those photos, stick them in photo albums and later on I get back to my memories. I dream about travelling to Kenya and New Caledonia. But for now I have made a break and have started a new journey called motherhood…”