Języki, których uczymy:

Courses for Teenagers

What languages do we teach?
We teach English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Italian and Polish for foreigners. The most popular language among our Students is English.

What age groups do we teach?
Classes for teenagers are taught in two age groups: for junior high school ( 12-15 ) and secondary school students ( 16-19 ) The syllabuses have been developed according to the guidelines presented by the Department of Education and the Council of Europe. Language competence levels are in accord with the Common European Framework of Reference levels

How much do the courses cost?

How often do classes take place?
Classes for junior high school students take place twice a week for 60 minutes, whereas classes for secondary school students are taught twice a week for 90 minutes.

How do we teach?
Teenagers are a very demanding target group. What is more, they are very tired after a day of studying at school. Therefore, we need to engage a massive amount of teacher energy in order to keep them interested, involve the Students in cultural and social projects, show them how the language may be applied in a fun way and in more adventurous contexts. In class we use a lot of movement, music and a wide variety of tools which make studying at LANGUS much more interesting than studying at school.

Examination courses.
JET is an international LCCI IQ exam for teenagers which tests all levels of English language competence. The students can take it at levels from A1 to C1.

For two semesters preceeding matura exam in a foreign language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian), we run preparatory courses, revising all topics and practicing all skills included in the school curriculum. We also familiarize the students with the structure of the matura test as well as exam taking strategies.

This is also the case with gimnazjum final exam.

Who teaches classes for teenagers and examination courses?
Language instructors who enjoy working with adolescents and know how to guide their potential.
In the case of matura and gimnazjum final exam, teachers with many years of experience in teaching preparatory courses, who have experience teaching in public schools, and working as matura examiners. JET, on the other hand, is administered by LCCI IQ examiners.