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Language Skills Assessment

What is LANGUS Language Skills Assessment?
Language Skills Assessment, that we conduct for our Corporate Clients, apart from external language exams, is the most trustworthy tool of measuring progress and present language competence of company staff. Language Skills Assessment tests two areas of linguistic competence: general and business. Most language exams test language competence at a specific CEFR level eg. FCE – level B2. Language Skills Assessment, covering levels from A1 to C2, allows for comparing linguistic competence within a certain group of employees.

How often should Language Skills Assessment be conducted?
The application of the same language assessment tool throughout language training within certain periods of time, eg. every 3 months, once a term or annually, allows the HR Department to verify progress that company employees make. LANGUS Language Skills Assessment conducted only once in the case of language training provided by other schools constitutes an objective quality control tool.

How is LANGUS Language Skills Assessment conducted?
Language Skills Assessment may comprise one or two parts, written and/or oral. It lasts between 2 and 3 hours. It may take place in the Client’s office once, at the same time for all Students or on LANGUS premises.

What does the Client receive?
The Client receives a detailed report which includes a description of each Student’s language competence within all macro skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading), assessment of their vocabulary range and grammatical correctness, the ability to use language functions and communication skills. Moreover, the report includes some suggestions as to further language instruction that of the employee might receive.