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LCCI Exams

What is LCCI IQ?
LCCI IQ exams are probably the most widely recognized brand among business and professional English exams in the world. LCCI IQ also offers general English exams which are available at all levels of language competence(from A1 to C1) The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is one of the biggest language examination boards in Great Britain. It organizes Business English language exams and issues certificates which prove candidates’ language skills. As of yet, LCCI has over 5000 exam centres in 130 countries around the world, offering a wide selection of Business English language exams. Our certificates are widely recognized by employers and educational and professional institutions all over the world.

Where and when can I take an LCCI exam?
is a registered LCCI IQ examination centre, which means that any exam you want to take you can sit at our school. For larger groups we can organize exams on our Clients’ premises. Our instructors who are also LCCI IQ examiners. Depending on the exam that you take, you can sit it in general sessions in April, June and November or on demand. Before taking an exam it is recommendable to do a preparatory course at LANGUS. This, however is not mandatory to register for an exam. You can also study for the exam on your own.

General English exams JETSET
JETSET certificates which prove general English competence are based on exams which test language skills of those candidates for whom English is not a mother tongue. LCCI IQ offers them in two versions: for adults (SET Senior English Test) and for children and teenagers (JET Junior English Test). The exams have been designed in such a way so as to facilitate language development and enable to assess the candidate’s communicative skills. Their degree of difficulty increases in order to test language progress and test 4 macro skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

JetSet exams are available on 7 levels.

JETSET levelCEFR levelJET versionSET versionLevels irrespective of age
1Below scale++-
FoundationBelow scale++-

Each level consists of 3 mandatory components (Listening comprehension test, Reading test and Writing tests) and one optional component (Speaking test).
Each level of JETSET is a free-standing qualification and is separately certificated. The percentage score obtained from every part of the exam are placed on the certificate. This solution is a great incentive for further education especially for the younger students.

Study based on any of the Units in this specification should foster a positive attitude to the learning of English while at the same time:

  • developing knowledge and understanding of the spoken and written forms of English in meaningful contexts;
  • developing the ability to listen and read for gist and detail and apply this knowledge and understanding to speaking and writing;
  • developing the ability to communicate effectively in English through the written and spoken word;
  • developing knowledge and understanding of the grammar of English, and the ability to apply it accurately in the appropriate context;
  • laying a suitable foundation for the further study of the language.

The assessment objectives relate to the specification as a whole. Candidates should be able to:

  • listen and respond to different types of spoken language of an increasing range of complexity;
  • express themselves in speech using a range of vocabulary and grammatical structures;
  • read and respond to different types of written language of an increasing range of complexity;
  • express themselves effectively in writing using a range of vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Which features make the JET SET unique?

  • gradual introduction of new grammar structures and their communication functions
  • tasks, commands and vocabulary which are precisely chosen for the advancement level of the group
  • repetition of the exercises on all levels allows the students to better learn the examination method
  • the repeated use of stories, topics and characters in all the written exercises
  • repetition and exercise of the knowledge gained during the course of study
  • paying attention to elements such as text arrangements and fonts which help to guide the students through the steps of the exam and allow them to better understand the tasks contained in specific sections of tables
  • purposeful use of the graphic elements which help with the understanding of new tasks

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