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One-to-One Tuition

Why opt for one-to-one tuition?
One-to-one classes are an excellent form of studying a language. They allow for building an individual plan of linguistic development. The instructor solely focuses on the needs of one Student, they can study issues that normally are not included in general group courses eg. preparing for a job interview in Spanish or studying commercial correspondence in Polish.

Where and when do classes take place?
Classes take place upon the Student’s request and with such frequency that is most convenient for them. It may be 90 minutes once a week or an intensive course, 4 hours every day of the week. One-to-one classes take place on the school premises.

What shall I get on completion of a cycle?
A final report which includes a detailed description of language competence within all macro skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading), an assessment of vocabulary range and grammatical correctness, the ability to use language functions and evaluation of communication skills.

How much do classes cost?
The price of one-to-one classes with a Polish teacher starts at 60 PLN/45 min. Classes with a native speaker instructor are more expensive.